As an individual self-evaluation is critical to success, the ability to personally develop and ultimate happiness. Analysing myself through self-evaluation tests will help me analyse different aspects of my personality, mindset and learning preference. Alongside this, evaluating and questioning my current strengths and weaknesses will help me focus on the key features of my 5-year plan, enabling me to reflect and set achievable targets.

The 16 Personalities test


The 16 personalities test revealed that I am a Consul, which I believe reflects my personality as I enjoy social engagement through supporting loved ones and friends and making sure everyone is happy (16 Personalities, 2019). It also identified that I have strong loyal tendencies, which is true in respect to friendship and family and prefer planning rather than spontaneity. The turbulent rating of 76% also emphasised my sensitivity – challenging my emotional stability with regard to being criticised.

My major strengths and weaknesses include;

  • Strong practical skills
  • Strong sense of responsibility to meet obligations
  • Good interaction/connecting with others
  • A sense of neediness
  • Being inflexible

The high percentage of judging (88%) also made me realise that I often judge things before committing which can be seen as a negative, however, it can also be a strength as I am analytical resulting in calculated judgements. The test also highlights my reliability, organisation and time keeping skills, which along with being a team player and enjoying working with others will be key strengths when entering the workplace.

I can track my progress by being aware of these attributes by monitoring situations and try  to practise changing my instinctive behaviour. I will also learn from my mistakes and not be afraid to make them. I should also interact and collaborate with different personalities to mine in order to broaden my understanding of other people’s strengths and weaknesses to create teams that works successfully together.

Growth Mindset

I took the Growth Mindset (2019) Assessment to understand more about my mindset and how I can adapt it to my learning preferences and general day-to-day life. It revealed that I have a ‘growth mindset’ and am willing to work hard to ensure I do well, however on reflection I think it is more important to learn than to always do well. It also reiterated that I feel ‘uncomfortable with criticism’ and that I can increase my intelligence by working on it. Dr Dweck’s research (Mindset Works, 2019) has revealed that increasing our growth by the natural decisions we take like creating strategies, nutrition, being inquisitive and practising by following through with actions is something I am willing to put into practise. I also understand that ‘exercise makes the brains grow smarter’ (Growth Mindset, 2019) and therefore am willing to work smart to build my brain and achieve my future aspirations.

Origami Flower Workshop

I made an origami flower by watching and doing. This reflects that I am a visual, kinaesthetic learner, meaning that I learn through visualisation and images, as well as being a hands-on experimental learner.

Vark Questionnaire  


Participating in the Vark Questionnaire emphasised my findings from the origami flower challenge, namely that I have a multimodal learning preference with Visual, Aural and Kinaesthetic scoring the same value. Understanding these skills will be key when entering the workplace to ensure that I perform my best of my ability and am an efficient worker.

Career Personality Profiler

The final test was the career personality profiler (Truity, 2019), which showed me that I am a ‘Humanitarian – driven to make the world a better place’ (Truity, 2019). This reveals that my career path should incorporate my creativity and imagination to ensure that I make the most of my key strengths.

Understanding and grouping these findings into the table below has helped me to set short- and long-term goals when designing my 5-year plan, plus will allow me to reflect and refer to it during this period of my life to ensure I reach my potential.


Personality Strengths Weaknesses

Visual, Aural and Kinaesthetic learner




Growth Mindset


Connecting with others

Team Player


Generalised Anxiety


Overly Cautious




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