September 2019 – September 2020

By September 2019 I will have completed my Marketing and Communications university course and will have hopefully graduated with a 2:1. By studying an intensive fast-track course it has motivated me to build the resilience that I will need in the next 5-years to achieve my goals. I have also learnt about the fashion industry and have built skills through multiple work placements gaining confidence to translate my knowledge into other areas.

Having struggled with my mental health throughout university, particularly my anxiety, my first goal and priority is to work on my mental health and wellbeing. This will be by continuing therapy and practising my CBT techniques, maintaining my exercise regime and being self-aware. I am also planning to attend a meditation retreat to unwind after completing my degree.

Another goal to achieve in 2019 is to release my money from an investment and purchase an apartment in West Hampstead. Weighing up the options I decided the benefits of buying a property outweigh the risks, particularly when considering renting versus buying, potential for increase in value and using this equity to buy a house in the future (The Money Advice Service, 2019). The location is very important as it is a ‘buzzing’ area and will be a short commute to my future work enabling an improved work/life balance and is on a direct train line to my family home. Moving out for the first time will teach me many valuable skills that I will take forward with me, like learning to be independent, budgeting, being part of a community and developing a new friendship group whilst maintaining my current one.

I intend to gain more experience through fashion marketing and PR internships to ensure when apply for jobs that I am making the right decisions, for example I have already learnt that working with a lovely team is very important to me. This will also build my self-confidence, allow me to continue networking and show my prospective employer I am motivated to work within the fashion industry (All About Careers, 2019). My Mentor Grace Harmsworth (2019, Personal Conversation, 23 January), a Senior Marketing Fashion Executive also reiterated that gaining experience is the best route for getting the job you want, even if it means you have to sacrifice immediate goals, including not working for your desired brand. Finally, I want to complete a RADA Voice of Influence business course to ‘become a more dynamic communicator’ (RADA Business, 2019), develop my presentation skills and significantly improving my public speaking, a weakness which although improved was highlighted throughout university due to my anxiety.

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