September 2020 – September 2021

After taking up to a year to further develop myself as a person and gain experience in the work place, I intend to start applying for jobs. According to Dr Albert Mehrabianapproximately 93% or the majority of communication is non-verbal (Blake, N.D.) it is crucial that I learn to interpret this form of communication when interviewing. Learning from my self-evaluation I am good at connecting and interacting with others which will be key strength for interviews. Having spent part of the previous year completing work experience I will have learnt how to better manage my distinctive behaviours, by adjusting my sensitivity, vulnerability to criticism and overly cautious mindset in the working environment.

Researching predictions for the future economic climate will be important to ensure I am entering a growing sector. The World Economic Forum (2018) predicted that 133 million new jobs will emerge with growing roles for E-commerce and Social Media Specialists by 2022. This has influenced my decision to apply for PR and Marketing roles in small luxury firms specialising in digital commerce. Being the ‘big fish in a small pond’ is essential for my career aspirations, because I want to gain a broader, before entering a large corporation where jobs are more niched. Focussing on the luxury sector is also important, since it is struggling less than other retail sectors, with a constant growth rate of 1% year on year globally (Deloitte, 2018, p.13).

The World Economic Forum (2018) highlighted the growing services of ‘human’ skills like creativity, originality and initiative, which were emphasised in my self-evaluations. Therefore, looking to the future, I need to ensure this skill set is fully utilised throughout my career. As work/life balance is important to me, using my holiday to travel alongside meditation retreats to work on my well-being and my self-esteem will be a priority.

Maintaining my mental health and wellbeing will be continually featured throughout each year of my plan. In addition, I believe it is good to give something back and therefore I intend to become a volunteer at a mental health charity. With 1 in 4 students at university (Smith, 2016) and 33% of the UK workforce will be diagnosed with a mental health issue in their career (Wellbeing, 2018) I think it is very important that people realise they are not alone when facing these battles. I hope to get involved with mentoring a student alongside their studies and offer meaningful support because ‘doing good does you good’ (Mental Health Foundation, 2019).

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