September 2021 – September 2022

By September 2021 I hope to have made significant personal development and expanded my role in the work place through meeting and exceeding goals. This will be achieved by expanding my network, attending skills workshops and seminars about the future of retail. Training on the job is really important, including learning new technologies and achieving certificates like Google Analytics. By being proactive and looking for new opportunities for learning and expanding my role, this will automatically improve my experience for future career opportunities.

From the 5 Chairs analysis, I learnt that I have tendencies from all the coloured chairs. In the ‘yellow chair’ my principal behaviour is self-doubt, meaning that I need to befriend my inner critic and face my fear of failure (The 5 Chairs, 2019). Consequently, I will need to reflect and re-evaluate my tendencies and realign them as needed with my strengths and minimise my weaknesses.

To disconnect myself from daily work life and gain a different experience I wish to travel to South America for a month in 2022 with my partner. Whilst I realise work commitments may not permit this, I feel it will benefit me by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and help to maintain my mental health and wellbeing. I also feel it is very important to understand different cultures, in order to become more understanding and tolerant. Planning the trip will also increase my intelligence (Growth Mindset, 2019) and allow me to create lifetime memories.

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